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KEF's designer HiFi headphones with a flawless award winning design by Porsche. M500 provide an outstanding listening & comfortable experience. Discover M500 today! KEF M500 Headphone Review:Perfect Balance of Sound and Aug 20, 2013 · KEF, a British hi-fi speaker manufacturer, is now entering the market with its first pair of headphones, the M500. KEF might be able to get away with charging six figures for a

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Nov 30, 2013 · KEF M500. The KEF M500 are an absolute win for the on-ear headphone segment; easily one of the finest sounding and indescribably comfortable on-ear headphones in SMSL M500 vs TOPPING D90 Comparison Chart Apos AudioSep 11, 2020 · Compared to HPA4, the M500 headphone amp section is fairly neutral with just a small emphasis in the upper treble area and in the mid-bass section. It sounds V-shaped a bit, I presume there is a boost of about 2 to 3 dB in those areas just to make it feel airier and more vibrant somehow.KEF M500 Headphones Headphone Arts, Headphones, The M500 (US$299) are KEFs first supra-aural (on-ear) headphone; it rides tandem with the M200 IEM to form KEFs M-series. KEF has always been a company that makes products true to sound, and as music lovers they wanted to make a product that reflects the sound of their speakers.