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QUESTION:(SUMMER2016) For wide-flange sections used for building construction, should I specify CSA G40.21 Grade 350W or ASTM A992?. ANSWER:ASTM A992/992M should be specified. It is the grade that North American wide-flange mills produced to and CSA Standard S16-14 (and S16-09) explicitly recognize. Introduced in the 1990s as a product with enhanced properties for seismic Beams Welded Wide Flange Russel Metalswelded wide flange beams wwf-shapes csa g40.21 50w astm a572 gr50 / a992

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CSA G40.21 50W / 350W (Canadian Standards Association) is the Canadian specification for Hollow structural section ( H.S.S). These tubes can be manufactured with different shapes:round, square, and rectangular H.S.S tubes in hot rolled and cold formed steel. CSA 350WT - Acier AltitubeProductdescription. CSA grade G40.21 50W / 350W is available with Charpy V-notch impact test. This test measures the energy absorbed by the steel at the fracturing point. The Charpy V-notch impact test is made at differents temperatures. The product nomenclature indicates the letter T for Toughness and its category (1 to 5 ). CSA G40-21 350W|350WT - Manusteelcn-China steel suppliersJun 28, 2013 · Technological properties of grade steel:CSA G40-21 350W|350WT Hardness and heat treatment specification of steel grade:CSA G40-21 350W|350WT

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CSA G40.21 HSS are welded or seamless round, square, rectangular and special-profile structural tubing products. There are two types of HSS in accordance with this spec Class C and Class H. Atlas Tube produces both. Class C HSS are cold-formed either through a seamless process or an automatic electric-welding process producing a continuous weld. Class H HSS are also cold-formed, but then heat Can a CSA g40 21w be 300w? - AskingLot44W / 300W is the Canadian version of A36 steel, and is a grade within the CSA G40. 21-04 specification. The Canadian Standards Association specification G40. All of Portland Bolts mild steel round bar is rolled to meet both A36 and 44W and is the mill test reports carry a dual certification. HIGH STRENGTH - Standards - CSA StandardsThe Canadian Standards Association (CSA) provides certification standards for structural steel under the following standards:CSA G40.20-04, "General requirements for rolled or welded structural quality steel" This standard sets out the general requirements and related definitions governing the delivery of structural steel conforming to CSA G40.21.


those CSA G40.8 Grade B steel in comparable thicknesses. Plates and Bars Fy = 50 ksi Fu = 70 - 95 ksi All shapes other than those listed below Fy = 50 ksi Fu = 70 - 95 ksi * Shapes 14x16 WF (over 426 lb/ft) Fy = 46 ksi Fu = 67 - 95 ksi * Grade A is limited to shapes having Standard Structural Steel Families and Custom Families for CISC HSS Rectangular(CSA G40.21) Canada :CISC HSS Round(ASTM A500) Canada :CISC HSS Round(CSA G40.21) Canada :CISC HSS Square(ASTM A500) Canada :CISC HSS Square(CSA G40.21) Canada :CISC M Shapes :Canada :CISC MC Shapes :Canada :CISC S Shapes :Canada :CISC Super Light Beams :Canada :CISC Welded Reduced-Flange Shapes :Canada :CISC Welded Wide-Flange Shapes SPECIFICATIONSCSA G40.21M Structural Quality Steel CSA G40.21 Designation of Similar Steel1 ASTM Designation of Similar Steel1 Max. Shape Group Maximum Thickness Plate or Bar HSS Wall mm ins. mm ins. 230G 33G A36; A283 Gr. D 5 300 12 - - 350G 50G A440 3 30 1 1/4 - - 400G 60G - 3 30 1 1/4 - - 260W 38W A36 4 40 1 1/2 - - 300W 42W*, 44W A572 Gr. 42 Gr. 45 3 & HSS 40 1 1/2 16 5/8